Place Details Field Filtering

Pricing for Places API requests is tiered and based on which categories of fields are returned. Google differentiates between Basic, Contact, and Atmosphere fields. Basic data is included in the cost of each Places API service but requesting Contact and/or Atmosphere fields costs extra.

📚 For more on how Places API requests are billed, see our guide: Understanding Places API Billing

In June 2018, Google introduced a new fields parameter to Places API, so developers can control what is returned, and only pay for data they need. Because this is an additional parameter, you will have to change your code to filter your requests and reduce your cost.

⚠️ For backward compatibility, Places API returns all fields by default.

Your existing applications will be billed for all three categories of data if you don’t change your code to add field filtering. This affects all users of the places library for the Google Maps JavaScript API (including Place Autocomplete), the mobile Places SDKs for Android & iOS, and all web service requests.

This guide will help you determine which fields you need and how to add field filtering to your code.

Which Fields Do You Need?

Here is a breakdown of the fields included in each category. Evaluate which of these are being used in your application, and note which category they fall into.

SKU Fields
Basic address_component, adr_address, alt_id, formatted_address, geometry (location), icon, id, name, permanently_closed, photo, place_id, plus_code, scope, type, url, utc_offset, vicinity
Contact formatted_phone_number, international_phone_number, opening_hours, website
Atmosphere price_level, rating, review

See the Place Details results documentation for detailed descriptions of each field.

Filter Your Places API Requests

Web Service Requests

When making Place Details requests through the web service, add a field= parameter to the URL, followed by a comma-separated list of the fields you want returned.

Example - Return only the name, address, and location for a place (Basic):,formatted_address,address_component,geometry&key=YOUR_API_KEY

Example - Return only the name and hours of operation for a place (Basic + Contact):,opening_hours&key=YOUR_API_KEY

Example - Return only the name and rating for a place (Basic + Atmosphere):,rating&key=YOUR_API_KEY

⚠️ Nearby and Text Searches do not have field filtering capability, they will always generate Contact and Atmosphere charges.

Google Maps JavaScript API

The Places library for the Google Maps JavaScript API has field filtering built in.

Place Autocomplete Widget

If you’re using Google’s built-in Place Autocomplete widget, set a filter by adding the fields property to the options object you pass to the Autocomplete constructor. The property is an Array<string>, containing the names of the fields you want returned.

var autocomplete = new google.maps.places.Autocomplete(
    fields: ["name", "address_component", "formatted_address", "geometry.location"]

You can also change the filter at any time by calling the setFields function and passing an Array<string> of field names.

autocomplete.setFields(["name", "formatted_address", "opening_hours"]);

⚠️ The Places SearchBox does not support field filtering, and will be billed for all three categories of data. If possible, use Autocomplete instead.

Places Service

If you are using a PlacesService instance for Find Place or Place Details queries (including AutocompleteService implementations), set a filter by adding the fields property to the request object you pass to the following functions: findPlaceFromPhoneNumber, findPlaceFromQuery, getDetails.

⚠️ The nearbySearch and textSearch functions do not support field filtering, and will be billed for all three categories of data.

var placesService = new google.maps.places.PlacesService(document.getElementById("places-attr-container"),
  placeId: "ChIJlQ-ho9OEQIgRLQeLM-VMRMc",
  fields: ["name", "address_component", "formatted_address", "geometry.location"]
}, callback);

function callback(place, status){
  if (status == google.maps.places.PlacesServiceStatus.OK) {

Places Mobile SDKs for Android/iOS

The current versions of the Places mobile SDKs for Android and iOS do not support field filtering. Google is working on new versions of the SDKs that will include field filtering as well as other new Maps Platform capabilities. Once Google releases those new versions, the current SDKs will be deprecated. Until that time, mobile Places API through the SDKs is free, following the old Standard Plan model.


Maps Platform “Guide for Existing Users”: Places API Product Updates

Place Details Fields Documentation